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DanceOrder Descriptionhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzci3RcfwuPwUHhnZlFVSkE1VEE/viewYou have to watch this video.Make a chart + find connectionsThesis Statement-Description – use your senses-Synthesis-Interpretation-Evalution – generalAnd write an introduction.Then thesis statement.In BODY you have to make discussion about the video. This have to be like a dialog. It’s two people discussion.In conclusion give a new idea.Please be careful about Plagirism!OUR TEACHER NOTES:IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT MIDTERM/PROJECTYour project paper should look like this.TITLEIntroduction paragraph ending with a Thesis Statement.Discussion paragraphs in the form of a dialogue, illustrated by evidences from the performance video supporting the thesis statement.Conclusion paragraphNOTES (1,2,3…)BIBLIOGRAPHY…Times New Roman, 12 pnt, 1,5 space, 7-8 pages.One paper for 2 students.