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Child abuse

Topic: Child abusePaper details:choose 6 articles that are (1) original research studies [these have a METHODS section, and can be exploratory, quasi-experimental, and/or explanatory designs], and (2) published in peer-review journals.That combination of those 6 articles can include:5 quantitative (original research studies) and 1 qualitative (original research study)OR6 quantitative (original research studies)*Remember, quantitative studies can be either exploratory, quasi-experimental or explanatory. However- in general- qualitative studies are usually just exploratory.A literature review requires a synthesis of the research articles you havereviewed- you should not discuss each article separately! In the literaturereview, you should critically analyze and synthesize the literature of a topicalarea of interest. Use the following outline to format your paper. Use the belowheadings in your paper, and address each item within each heading, in the orderpresented below:INTRODUCTION*Introduction of the topic/problem*Provide a brief explanation about why this issue is important*Provide a brief description of what your paper is going to addressSCOPE OF PROBLEM*Describe the breadth and depth of the problem*Discuss the population(s) affected most by this problem*Describe how the population(s) are affected*Define your variables of interest*Explain why this problem is important to explore and addressPREVIOUS FINDINGS*Describe previous studies about your chosen problem– findings– research designs– sampling methods– participants utilized in studies– operationalization of independent and dependent variables– theories used– hypotheses tested-major findingsCRITIQUE OF LITERATURE*Describe the strengths and weaknesses of previous studies methodology (i.e,generalizability, measurement, cultural sensitivity, research design, threats tovalidity, threats to reliability, theory, ethics, etc)CONCLUSION*In general, describe what previous research has contributed to this topic ofinterest*Based on limitations of previous studies, describe how future studies can beaddress the weaknesses you identified*Describe possible suggestions for future research by identifying potentialresearch questions or relationships between variables that need furtherexploration*Close the literature review with a discussion of implications: Why is yoursuggestion for future research important?