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Power is determined by ownership of the means of production.

Topic: Power is determined by ownership of the means of production.Paper details:500 word bibliographic exerciseThe Task:Develop a search strategy based on this question to identify:One peer-reviewed academic journal article;One scholarly book, or book chapter;One newspaper, magazine, or internet article.Provide a fully and correctly formatted reference for each source in the Harvard style (2 points per reference).Prepare an annotated bibliography of the three identified sources. An annotation is usually around 150 words in length and provides a concise description of the source. This description should explain the usefulness of the source in terms of its relevance, its currency and its authority and reliability with respect to the question you have selected (3 points per reference).Assessment should be typed in double-spacing in 12-point font on one side of the sheet only, and with a margin of at least 4cm on the left-hand side of the page.