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toolkit for public management

toolkit for public managementOrder DescriptionThis assignment asks you to select a case from an organisation with which you are familiar. It could be one in which you work, have worked or want to work. It might also be one that you are closely associated with for some reason other than employment. The case study needs to focus on a single management issue capable of being analysed in terms of one of the perspectives on management provided in Module 1 organizational behaver and one of following 1. Individual: learning or motivation in the organization 2. Team: decision making, performing, creativity, and Communicating. 3. politic: power and leadership There are four broad perspectives. The central question is “what does the application of the perspective tell us about how well the issue was managed?” If not well, what does the perspective tell us about how it might have been managed differently?This essay will be no more than 1,500 words.