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Career Research & Professional Networking

Career Research & Professional NetworkingThe goal of this paper is to describe how to find a job (through search and networking) and describe the similarities and differences in each mode. To simplify, here is how to format the paper:? Cover Page will be one (1) page;? Four(4) pages describing:o The methods utilized to find positions. You might reflect on: “Why you choose a site”, “How you found it”, or “The difficulty of searching based on some type of special position/geography/salary you are looking for”. You may also choose to reflect on what you will improve in the search process.o How the networking process occurred (positively/negatively), if it affected your search process, what you learned, etc.o What you will replicate and/or change for future job searches based off of this project.? Four (4) pages for the screen shots of positions found (1 page x 4positions=4 pages). Make sure it shows when and where you found the position;? One (1) page for the business card;