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Costa Rica

Costa RicaOrder DescriptionYou need to write a 10-page paper (not include the title page and reference) with a list of bibliography. The paper needs to follow the standard APA format. The paper should focus on a country with special emphasis on cultural diversity and practices by applying using the contents in this course.Assume that you have been hired as a consultant. You are asked to prepare a report on the selected country’s background and more importantly to identify the cultural and business practices – what one should pay attention to and “do’s” and “don’ts” and how effectively interact, negotiate and deal with the culture of that country. The paper will be judged on the basis of quality and the extent of analysis rather than pure description of the events and facts of the country. Attached rubric will be used to evaluate the paper.Some possible references to use:Title: Costa Rica: Fiscal Transparency AssessmentAuthor: International Monetary FundSubjects: Ideas.Repec.Org/P/Imf/Imfscr/13-316.HtmlTitle: TQM practices in Costa Rican companiesAuthor: Prasad, Sameer ; Motwani, Jaideep ; Tata, JasmineSubjects: Costa Rica ; Total Quality ; Training ; Globalization ; Polls & Surveys ; Developing Countries ; Ldcs ; Comparative Analysis ; Statistical Data ; Statistical Data ; Quality Control ; Training & Development ; International ; Latin AmericaIs Part Of: Work Study, 1999, Vol.48(7), pp.250-256 [Peer Reviewed Journal]Title: Corporate Governance in Costa RicaAuthor: Arce, GilbertoSubjects: Ideas.Repec.Org/P/Idb/Wpaper/3218.HtmlIs Part Of: IDEAS Working Paper Series from RePEc, 2005https://go.galegroup.com.cmich.idm.oclc.org/ps/i.do?&id=GALE%7CA94034297&v=2.1&u=lom_cmichu&it=r&p=ITOF&sw=w&authCount=1