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Industrial Hazard review

Industrial Hazard reviewOrder DescriptionINDUSTRIAL HAZARD REVIEW PAPER FORMATINDUSTRIAL HAZARD REVIEW PAPER FORMAT REQUIREMENTS:1. Typing: Use double spaced typed pages with one (1) inch margin on all four sides and a font of 12 characters per inch. Times New Roman is a preference style for clarity of reading.2. Length: The text of the Industrial Hazard Review Paper should be a minimum of five (5) pages for a maximum of a “C” Grade for the assignment and ideally specified ten (10) pages for a maximum of a “A” Grade for the assignment excluding the cover page and any other introduction pages (abstract, table of contents, etc.). Required content must discuss clearly at least seven hazards for the industrial sector or working operation and the remediation, prevention and regulations for each hazard.3. This Review Paper should have at least ten (10) references in APA Format for requirement to research the hazards and other topics relevant to the assignment.4. Use sub-headers within the paper to identify the different sections of the paper discussed. REQUIRED within FORMAT.5. Add the word count for the document at the end of the text.Each student will be required to submit one written literature and pertinent regulations or standards review paper. The paper is due the date indicated on the course schedule (unless the schedule has been changed per Professor).The report will be on an industrial sector, industrial classification of manufacturing, or a specific job task or operation chosen by the student. The paper is to determine and understand the occupational hazards for management within this selected topic as well as to discuss the remediation or control, prevention, and all regulatory or other standards relevant to this selected topic.Most of the information will be obtained during a literature search of the topic. Sources may include references such as books, journals, internet, articles, interviews, regulatory or standards documents, or other resources. Do not conduct surveys of individuals. You could interview a person who is knowledgeable about the topic. There is no intent to publish this information you collect or present. This report is worth the number of points indicated in the course syllabus. Length of the paper is as outlined in the syllabus. The paper should follow APA StyleThe report will include the following headings:1. Cover Page – Course header information:UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL MISSOURISAFE 5430 OCCUPATIONAL HAZARD MANAGEMENT SPRING 2016 SEMESTER LECTURE TR 2 PM HUM 212STUDENT’S NAME TITLE OF PAPERDA TEHeader should be included on Separate PAGE.2. BEGIN PAGE 2 – Introduction – General opening comments introducing the topic to the reader. Also tell how/why the topic is related to the subject of your course. Why did you select this topic and discuss its application and use in the world? List the specific industrial sector of paper and list the seven hazards to be presented within the findings section of paper.3. Methods – This should be relatively brief since most of it will be based on a literature search. I want to know how you got your information and about how much time you spent researching the topic.4. Findings or Results – Summary of the literature (library, internet, regulatory or standards research information found on the topic, written in your own words in complete narrative sentences. This section should include discussion of at a MINIMUM SEVEN (7) HAZARDS with PREVENTION TECHNIQUES, REMEDIATION or RESOLUTION of each HAZARD, and REGULATORY OR OTHER STANDARDS RELEVANT TO THE IDENTIFIED HAZARDS. This content is also not limited to any of the following types of information, as applicable and appropriate: chronological, background/biographical information, pertinent dates and places of occurrences/events, investigative findings, consequences, outcomes, results, accomplishments or achievements, statistical data, and remediation or corrective actions taken, etc. MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE ALL REFERENCE CITATIONS IN FINDINGS or RESULTS SECTION OF PAPER. PROV IDE YOUR SEVEN HAZARDS IN CLEARLY LABELED SECTIONS of YOUR PAPER AND USE SUB- HEADERS TO IDENTIFY THE HAZARD, PREVENTION TECHNIQUES, and REGULATORY STANDARDS OR LEGISLATION SEPARATELY.Dr. S. D. Allen Iske Page 2 of 3 January 11, 2016DISCUSS EACH HAZARD WITH its PREVENTION, REMEDIATION OR REGULATIONS/STANDARDS in AN ORDERLY MANNER. THUS COMPLETE A HAZARD DISCUSSION and THEN MOVE TO THE NEXT HAZARD DISCUSSION. THIS WILL HELP ORGANIZATION AS WELL AS MY REVIEW OF YOUR PAPER FOR CONTENT.5. Discussion and/or Conclusion (Closing comments) – This discussion section provides a summary of your findings and applications pertinent to the field of Occupational Hazard or Safety Management. Conclusions of research are stated if applicable. Closing comments including explanation of why this information is of importance should be clearly stated. Why should we care about it?6. References – This should allow the reader to locate the source(s) of information. Use APA style.All papers should be typed. They will be assessed for content/accuracy, sufficient details, neatness, spelling, and grammar.To receive an A on the paper you should do the following:• Cite references in the text (APA style).• Have a suitable number of references (e.g., minimum of ten) using APAformat for citations in text and documentation of all references.• Paper should be of suitable length. (Cover Page does not count toward thetotal pages for your paper.) Length of report – minimum 5 pages (maximum“C” Grade) or required 10 pages (maximum “A” Grade).• Be sure that you have all of the required sections of the paper. Use headersfor all sections of paper.• Read the paper out-loud to yourself before you send it to me.• Have someone else read the paper for you as other people can often pick upNOTE:– MY TOPIC is: THE OIL DRILLING INDUSTRY– I will upload 4 references that I will provide i need 6 MORE references from you to make a total of 10 references.– Please ensure that the reference are scholarly or peer reviewed– I need a copy of the reference articles, journals, etc. you have used in the paper– I will also provide a copy of a paper the was previously written by a student.– Please only use US regulatory standards– I am providing the link to the Occupational Safety and Health administration website with occupational hazard to use in developing the paper: https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/oilgaswelldrilling/safetyhazards.html#struck