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Beyond My Control book report by Nancy friday

Topic: Beyond My Control book report by Nancy fridayPaper details:1st year Psychology 2301 class–prerequisites classNEED ENTIRE 4 PAGE REPORT WRITTEN…PLEASEthis is a Book report NOT a book review. I need the ENTIRE 4 PAGE REPORT WRITTENhere is what i need for this book reportit is over this book:Beyond My Control by Nancy Friday1. Book report must be 4 pages long in MLA or APA format2. Must having an introduction, thesis, and conclusion, as well as a good flow of ideas.3. plus bibliography pageGrading Criteria for the PapersFulfilling Assignment Objective: ( 60 points )Good overview of material, with a clearunderstanding of the content material.Clearly Written Paper: ( 20 points)Having an introduction, thesis, and conclusion,as well as a good flow of ideas.Correct Grammar and Spelling: ( 10 points )