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Company and country analysis

Topic: Company and country analysisOrder DescriptionAssignment:You must write a report on a UK based company thinking of expanding into a country in which it does not already operate.The report should consist of two main parts: an analysis of the company’s current situation, and the opportunities and threats related to expansion (primarily a SWOT analysis); and, a country/industry report, analysing the business environment for the industry in the target country (a PEST analysis).The aim of the report is to be an advisory resource for the business.Companies you can select from:• Tesco• Thorntons• Caffe Nero• NEXT• John Lewis• DysonStructure of the ReportIntroductionYou should write an introduction to your report, giving an introduction to the company and country that you will be discussing, and setting out what you will do in the report. (Guide 100-150 words.)Main bodyThe first part of the report should give a brief background to the company, and then set out their current situation and the opportunities and threats international expansion would provide, in the form of a SWOT analysis. There should be four elements to this – laying out the company’s strengths, and weaknesses, and the opportunities and threats they face. (Guide 600-700 words.)The second part of the report should consist of a PEST analysis of the country, specific to the industry selected. There should be four elements to this – one each for Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors.You must describe, using those headings, the business environment in that country that are relevant for your industry of choice. You must analyse the points you make in terms of how they help or hinder business in that country for the specific company that you have chosen. You must provide a reason or rationale for your analysis. (Guide 600-700 words.)ConclusionYou should include a conclusion, summarizing the main points made in the report and making a recommendation. (Guide 100-150 words.)MY SELECTION :THE COUNTRY IS QATAR AND COFFEE NEROPLEASE MAKE THE LANGUAGE OF THE REPORT AS EASY AS YOU CAN.