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Compare and Contrast the cover and original songs Blank space.

Compare and Contrast the cover and original songs Blank space.Order DescriptionCompare and contrast the original song “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift, And the Cover produced by the rock Band “I Prevail”Paper is to be written in the third person.Should Communicate the different planes of expression in the songs and the way they were produced.Should express the amount of money made from the songs and back rounds of the artistsOut reach of the different listeners. I would like to see this statement incorporated into the paper. ( Both are great songs depending on the situation and how the listener is feeling one way to differentiate the songs is how you listen to them. Two examples would be that of the male and female genders. A female may listen to the Taylor Swift original after she may have seen an old high school crush that had her heart ‘broken by him. But a guy might prefer the “I Prevail” version because it may help him connect and express his feeling better).Needs a strong thesis.a good conclusion and a concluding statement that will leave the reader thinking / questioning/ wanting more.