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: Major Event Protection

Topic: Major Event ProtectionOrder DescriptionProgram: BA of Science Organizational and Security ManagementCourse: Personal Security (SEC420)Assignment: Major Event Protection Paper (Week 2)Write a 1,450 word assessment describing the tasks needed to prepare a protection plan for Petco Park (baseball park) located in San Diego, CA.Must include the following:1) A detailed description of the event and location2) General security concerns, such as traffic control, crowd management, access control, and terrorist threats. Include security concerns specific to your location and selected event.3) A brief statement of how the tactics would need to be altered if working with VIPs at the eventFormat paper consistent with APA guidelines and include the following:1) Introduction2) Conclusion3) References4) *Correctly cite two quotes (pages, section heading, etc) from ebook chapters only 13 thru 17 and 27 thru 29, no other sourcesSee attached document The Professional Protection Officer, chapters 13-17 and 27-29.*Direct quotations must not exceed 20% of paper