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Malaysian Airline Flight MH370 (Crisis Management & Crisis Communication)

Topic: Malaysian Airline Flight MH370 (Crisis Management & Crisis Communication)Order DescriptionCritically evaluate the handling of the event in terms of both crisis management and crisis communication efforts and provide recommendations for improvement where appropriate.Give a brief outline of the organisational crisis (Missing Malaysian Airline Flight MH370) and the events which occurred. This should include background information about the organisation and about the crisis – limit this to no more than approx. 400 wordsI would recommend that you do a timeline of events for the incident –Note: what happened and when, who responded and when, what did they say, what action did they take etc. (Please note report should not be descriptive but analytical)¥ Outline the key business continuity issues which they faced and how these were managed e.g. Were there early warning signs? Who was involved? How did the crisis unfold? Consider the extent to which the business was disrupted? What did they do to minimise business interruption? How did they handle the media? How did they communicate the crisis to other stakeholders? Consider the impact the event had on the organisation: the scale of the event; the cost to the company – short term & long term; consider the organisations various stakeholders, in what ways were they impacted?NOTE: this is not an exhaustive list for you to work your way through, these are just some ideas for you to think about. Concentrate on which of these aspects are most important for your crisis and consider issues over and above these suggestions where possible.KEY POINT: THIS MUST BE ANALYSED THROUGHOUT IN RELATION TO RELEVANT ACADEMIC THEORY AND LITERATURE. EXPLAIN THE EVENTS IN TERMS OF THEORY ON CRISIS MANAGEMENT AND CRISIS COMMUNICATION¥ Provide an evaluation of how effectively the company handled the event, how did they deal with the issues they face & how successful were they.¥ Consider where the company could have employed better business continuity management/crisis management to handle the event more effectively.NOTE: again this should be analysed in relation to crisis management theory/academic literature – consider what makes good crisis management or good crisis communication for example and see if this could have been applied to your case.¥ Ensure you DO NOT provide merely a descriptive narrative of the events you must show evidence of critical thinking – e.g. link up the events to the relevant theory studied in the module, compare with similar events that were handled better/worse, provide suggestions for improvement (must be supported by literary evidence), demonstrate a wide range of reading: books, academic & professional journals, internet resources, annual reports, company websites etc.