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Week 5 Essay

Topic: Week 5 EssayOrder DescriptionInstructions:Write a minimum 2 page paper new education philosophy discussed in chapter six of your textbook.Describe and provide examples of the spiral curriculum at the Ross School.Explain what phylogeny and ontogeny are and why are they in this chapter on education philosophy?List the five characteristics of the scientific mind (pp. 90-91). For each of the characteristics, describe what it means in your own words and provide an example of how you would teach the concept in a classroom, homeschooling, or other academic setting.Please use only from the below references:Suarez-Orozco, M. & Satting-Bajaj, C. (2010). Educating the Whole Child for the Whole World: The Ross School Model and Education for the Global Era. NY: NYU PressISBN-10: 0814741401ISBN-13: 978-0814741405Chapter 6 Only