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creativity and innovation

creativity and innovationOrder DescriptionThe assessment will be in Two Parts ( Part one 2000 word & PART Two 2000 words).For part one will be (Reflection account ):1- demonstrate the understanding of CPS process2- Osborn-Parnes FrameworkPART B: CASE Study.Please follow the report Report Guidelines in the last page.First Page should have for both parts must include Executive Summary (150).conclusion for both parts and the recommendation for the part 2.FYI i am working in PDO : Petroleum Development Oman as mechanic engineer.Sample books & Articles:Creative problem solving for managers: developing skills for decision making and innovation – Tony Proctor 2014developing skills for decision making and innovation – Tony Proctor c2010ASSESSING THE WORK ENVIRONMENT FOR CREATIVITY. – T. M. AMABILE, R. CONTI, H. COON, J. LAZENBY 1996Creativity – Beth A. Hennessey, Teresa M. Amabile 2010Creative management and development – Jane Henry 2006