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Learning Activity 5 Charter Development: Team Project and Learning Activity 6 Change Response

Learning Activity 5 Charter Development: Team Project and Learning Activity 6 Change ResponseOrder DescriptionLearning Activity #5: Charter Development: Team ProjectMuch of the work in this class will focus on developing a Project Management Plan (Plan) for a project of your choice. Assignments throughout the course will be included in the final Project Management Plan. Weekly assignments that are included in the Plan will be indicated as such.Please review the Final Project document for detailed information on this assignment before you start your work in class.Read Chapters 1-4 in the PMBOK. The Project Charter at Project Management Docs https://www.projectmanagementdocs.com/project-initiation-templates/project-charter-long.html provides a template that can be used for this assignment.The templates available at Project Management Docs will be used throughout the course.Meet with your fellow students in the team forum visible in your course. Your facilitator will have posted a roster of the team members within each team forum.In your team folders share the project you plan to work on throughout the course. Work together to make sure the scope for all projects is well defined. (Discuss if the size is also appropriate for the class project. Do not select too large or complex a project since it will be too hard to put together all the elements. If you have questions about the appropriateness of your project’s size or scope, please discuss with your facilitator.)As a group, complete a charter for the individual projects of all members. All members should participate in the development of each of the charters. Remember that without a project charter there is no project and no project team. This process will be the foundation on which you build your individual Plan over the next six weeks.Use the Team rubric provided in your syllabus to guide your collaboration efforts. The points in the Team rubric represent only your collaboration. The remaining points assigned to this activity will represent the quality of the work.Each person will individually submit the charter that pertains to their course project as an attachment in the drop box titled Charter Development: Team Project.Include only the team charter that pertains to your individual project in your final Project Management Plan.Learning Activity #6: Change ResponseIf you were in charge of handling change for your project, what rules would you implement to ensure a standardized process? Using Microsoft PowerPoint (or other presentation software), prepare a 3-5 slide report and/or graphic showing the process you would implement based on the project you have selected for this class.You will be using templates from Project Management Docs throughout the course. You may find it helpful to become familiar with the resources on this site. On the home page of www.projectmanagementdocs.com there is a search box that will be helpful each week. For LA5, place the words “charter long” in the search box and you will see a page with “most popular” templates and below that “new” templates. You may wish to bookmark or favorites this page. Look for a “charter -multi-page version” for this assignment.While the student guides will suggest a likely link in the Project Management Docs web site for a template for that specific assignment, the templates can also be found using this search method on the site.For this activity use the Slide:ology text by Duarte you received for your “Marketing and Advertising for Managers” course and apply the process and formatting recommended in the text.Submit your response as an attachment in the drop box titled Change Response. APA formatting is not required except when resources required citation.This assignment will be included as part of your final Project Management Plan.