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Professional Journal

Topic: Professional JournalOrder DescriptionPart AYou will be asked to keep a brief journal of critical reflections and observations (which should not take a lot of time to write). You are to write a maximum of 16 A4 pages of handwritten dot points, notes, pictures, quotes, reflections, observations, that all connect in with the preparation of your mock class in some way (please note that we are asking you to do – 8 pages of thoughts and 8 pages of initial reflections. We will discuss what you might write about here in class.(SHOULD ONLY SPEND ABOUT 10 MINUTES ON EACH 2 PAGES FOR A SINGLE ENTRY, VERY BRIEF OBSERVATIONS ABOUT EDUCATION SUCH AS LEARNING AND APPLYING WHAT TEACHERS DO IN A CLASSROOM AND THE TEACHERS BEHAVIOR THEIR TECHNIQUES AND TEACHING STYLES THAT SORT OF STUFF.)allocation of 2 pages per observation. 1 side of the page being a description of an event or observation and the other page a rudimentary analysis of what has been described.While you are to complete the whole journal (8 entries) you are to identify 2 entries (4 exercise book pages in total will be marked – so stick with the word limit here) that you want to be marked. (600 words equivalent)Part BBriefly describe the method that you will use to analyse and write about your journal entries (200 words). We will have covered a number of these in the course (thematic analysis / discourse analysis etc). In the method section you will explain what you understand your chosen method to be. So if you select ‘thematic analysis’ you need to explain in this section what you understand thematic analysis to be.Now you are to apply this method. For instance if you were to use a Freirean approach (double thematic analysis/generative themes) you might identify themes that are evident in your entries and then identify 1 key linking theme, that is evident across all of your entries. You would then write a short extended piece on this single theme. For instance you might notice that you seem preoccupied with ‘discipline’ or ‘flexibility’ or ‘time management’ or ‘content’ or ‘tension’ –and this would be the theme you address here.(600 words)