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Reflucation on Teamwork

SociologyApply conflict perspective in writing this essay based of this movie water. Summarize it, as in terms of sociological concepts, phenomena, and research. Also I need you to address 12 social problems in this movie and articulate it, use critical thinking to pin point 12 social problems and include your thought about the movie. Pay attention to all the dynamics in the move and pull 12 social problems from it and use examples from the movie. Think about it as a universal square and how it’s globally connected, because every thing in it is happening all over the world in one way or another. For example how woman are being miss treated with gender inequality and inequality based on age in this movie. Talk about age feminism and how the girl is being treated. Also your conclusion about the movie. There are many social problems in this movie you can pick out and elaborate on. I will give you some that I seen already. Wealth and poverty: U.S and global economic inequities, gender inequality, inequality based on age, alcohol and other drugs, health care, the changing family: conflict and feminist perspective, problems in education, problems in politics and the global economy, and the urban problems in the movie. I need a link where I can upload the movie for you. You will need to use VLC to open it so you can watch the movie. If you any questions I will be happy to answer them for you. Thank you for helping me out.