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Reflucation on Teamwork

Reflucation on TeamworkThe purpose of this exercise is to encourage reflective reading and informed, thoughtful discussion. To facilitate a broader understanding of the materials and concepts discussed this semester. Since most single concepts are discussed by multiple authors, it is in your best interest to use several of the week’s readings in your journal entries. One goal of these entries is to test the theory based on your own experience. Does your practical experience support the theories presented in that week’s readings? If so, how; if not, why? Journal entries should not be a simple summary of the contents of the readings. Instead, an entry should engage with the question raised, and focus on an interesting idea, a point of curiosity or complexity, or perhaps a puzzle or paradox revealed. Additionally, journal entry should include at least two (2) thoughtful questions you had about the theories presented in class. To do this assignment you should READ ALL MATERIAL that I uploaded{ch12, Janis – Groupthink (7th ed. – Pg. 189-199) & Reich.Cultural Competence in Interdisciplinary Collaborations) and don’t use other sources. Pleas writ the pages number when you use some idea or thought from the readings. For example (Reames, 97).Note:• Please take in your consideration that I am an international students.• Please don’t use sophisticated word or language, use very simple language. Please relate the ideas that you will find to personal or professional experiences you had? What does the theory tell us about practice? Make the connection between your example and the readings – why does this matter? What does this example teach us about the principles presented in the assigned readings?• Please focus on public organization and non-profit organization instead of business industry. I want this paper focus on an interesting idea, a point of curiosity or complexity, or perhaps a puzzle or paradox revealed for public organization and non-profit organization.• Give an example that happen to you in your organization how they use teamwork and how you can link to the theory?