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School Crime and Security in the U.S

School Crime and Security in the U.SPlease complete chapters 3 and 4 of my research paper.Attached is (1) my research paper,(2) the data to use and (3)its codebook, (4) also the instructions for ch. 3 and 4, and (5) a sample for the research paper to use the ch. 3 and 4 in that paper as a guide for what is expected from your chapter 3 and 4.I deleted all the unnecessary variables from the data. you should run 2 regression analysis for this research paper. the first one ( Q20B bullying as dependent and Q5D Volunteering, Q5B participating in parent-teacher conferences, Q4B providing training & assistance to parents, Q4C involving parent in program at school, Q5A participating in open house & back to school night as independents variables)the next one is (Q20B as dependent and Q11E training teachers about school safety, Q11G teaching & training students about school safety, Q1S using one or more cameras, Q11F mentoring students as independent variables).