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Enterprise Systems on Campus Response

Enterprise Systems on Campus Response.Enterprise systems are systems used by organizations to ensure the sharing of all information and functions across that organization. The university’s website gives information to future and current students concerning these degrees. Current student can utilize tools such as webadvisor, blackboard and degree works to ensure they are getting all the information needed to achieve their degrees. The blackboard system also puts all of the students course work in one place for ease of access by the instructors and students. The university also offers online access to the school’s library and the business offices students may need to contact. Students are given an email account by TAMUCT to make the delivery of information to the student easier to accomplish. The need for a central system to process and deliver information is important for a large organization such as TAMUCT. Students must be able to access information that they need regardless of the time of day or their geographic location. The use of an enterprise system puts all needed information in one place that is easily accessible by students and faculty alike. There is a definite advantage to the use of this system since students can track their progress throughout the semester and have a central place to contact instructors with any concerns. The job of putting such a large system into place is ongoing. There are constantly updates being made and new resources being made available. A disadvantage to this system is that if the system goes down or needs maintenance students and faculty are not able to accomplish tasks.Stair, R. M., & Reynolds, G. W. (2016). Chapter 2. In Principles of information systems (12th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.