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Portfolio analysis

Portfolio analysisPortfolio analysis(attached you excel document with the order, firms picked are 1.A.O Smith Corporation2. ABM Industries3. Actuant4. ADT Security Services5. A.H. Belo corporation6. AU Optronics7. Auto Nation8.Avery Dennison9. Avianca Holdings10.Aviva Plc.)Client #2015-03b: Internal tests of portfolio recommended to Kim & Rich, especially mean- variance portfolio optimization (6-10 pages, excluding appendices).The objective of this assignment is to apply mean-variance analysis to the portfolio of firms you put together for the couple of the previous assignment (Client 2009-02: Kim and Rich). These are the steps to follow according to internal company protocols:1. The sampleBuild a sample of security returns for the recommended firms. You will need to a) obtain stock prices, monthly, for at least five years. You may get stock price quotes fromhttp://www.yahoo.com. Then, you use EXCEL to calculate stock returns (see “returns- calculations” page in the aforementioned spreadsheet). Two formulas commonly used are rt = (pt – pt-1)/ pt-1, and rt = ln(pt/pt-1), where “ln” stands for the natural logarithm.2. Mean-variancea) Calculate mean-variance risk and return indicators (average returns, variances andcovariances).b) Calculate the tangent portfolio (see page “tangent” in ia-meanvar.xls).c) Comment on the results –you decide what merits comment.d) Extra-credit: Calculate some optimal portfolios (short sales, and no short sales) anddraw the efficient frontier. (See page “qp-rp” in ia-meanvar.xls).3. Concentrate on the tangent portfolio for this part.a) Do optimal portfolio weights reflect the fundamentals you have observed? (That is,explain whether companies with strong fundamentals have large optimal portfolioweights).b) In general, do you think portfolio theory is useful?c) In the particular case of your sample (time, economic situation, specific choice ofsecurities), do your think portfolio theory helps?