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The use of ICT in Early Childhood

Topic: The use of ICT in Early ChildhoodOrder DescriptionThis assignment assess the following UNIT LEARNING OUTCOMES:? Apply writing processes and strategies for producing effective academic andprofessional writing.? Reference various sources of information accurately? Source and evaluate information to be used for academic and professional purposes? Utilise ICT for academic learning purposes and for communicative purposes as aneducator, in a range of early childhood education contextsThis assignment requires you to develop an argument based on the use ofInformation and Communication Technologies (ICT) in early childhood settings.Developing your thesis statementBefore writing the essay, you will need to identify the content, limitation/s and directive/spresented in the above statement. For the directive you will need to also define what it means.Please present your answer in full sentences using topic sentences to identify the beginning of anew topic. For example:The content in this statement ….The limitations set in this….The directives presented in this topic… This is defined asDeveloping your argumentTo develop this argument you will need to state the position this paper is taking and support andsubstantiate your position with relevant information. You are expected to source and evaluateinformation to support your argument and reference these sources accurately (both in-text andend-text).You are encouraged to source a range of journal articles and books (no less than ten references).Please avoid using sources such as lectures and tutorials, Wikipedia, non-peer reviewed articlesand hearsay. Newspaper articles are acceptable