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M6 Discussion – Ethical Considerations for Policy Action

M6 Discussion – Ethical Considerations for Policy ActionFollowing an in-depth review of the information provided by Longest about the ethical principles that serve as a guide for those involved in policymaking, identify the ONE dominant ethical principle that appears to underline a consideration of your selected policy issue. Be certain to substantiate your selection with ample policy specific information, obtained from a sound academic resource that would demonstrate how this principle is the main ethical underpinning that guides policy makers in this arena. Your initial response should be 1 page in length.Next, after the completion of your individual response, post your own critical comments to the responses of 2 other students. Share any experiences that you may have had that would substantiate their discussion points. If you disagree with their selection, be sure to substantiate why and what would be a more dominant principle for their selected policy issue.Note: Your Discussion grade will be comprised of both an evaluation of your initial response, your substantiation of your position with the use of academic resource materials, and your critical comments on the postings of 2 other students.