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: human resource

Topic: human resourceOrder DescriptionZara has become an international success due to its focus on strategic planning for expansion into global markets. Global expansion has a number of impacts on a firms’ human resource (HR) strategy. Notably the importance of planning is highlighted.You have been asked, as a HR consultant, to write a report on the HR implications of an international strategy, such as the one taken by Zara, on the management of people. In doing so, you will need to highlight aspects such as the role of HR, recruitment and selection and workforce planning.• Use of appropriate human resource (HR) theory (40%)• Use of relevant examples (40%)• Structure and referencing (20%)Additional credit will be given for the following:• Quality of research• Depth of understanding• Well-supported arguments• Accurate referencing in line with the School of Business’s standard referencing guide• Good standard of academic writing• Correct formatYou should find, read and use at least five (5) literature sources for the case study. Consisting of a variety of different sources, e.g. text books, academic journals or reliable websites.Your references section should contain only details of the sources you mention in your work.Do not rely on long quotations to illustrate a point, but use quoted material to defend or highlight any argued points. Reduce the amount of quoted material to paraphrased ideas or short phrases as opposed to long sentences. Quoted material is intended to support your ideas, not provide the direction of the assignment. Also, quoted material should not stand alone, but be incorporated into the text.Do not extend your effort beyond the word limit. Part of the assessment is to show an ability to edit your work and succinctly use the word guidelines. Consult the student handbook regarding penalties when these guidelines are ignored.