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c: Buyer Behaviour

Topic: Buyer Behaviour Order Description Module Assessment Coursework 1: Individual Assignment Critically evaluate how consumer motivation, perceptions, learning and attitude formation (including emotional drivers) could influence purchasing of your chosen product. In addition to taking a broad view you will need to refine your analysis to consider a specific example. ? Format: The assignment is to be presented in a format of a Business Report. Your writing should include references within your text with a full list of references at the end of your document using the Harvard referencing format – CULC referencing guide. ? Word count: The word limit 2,000 words(this does not include reference list and appendices – no more than four pages). ? Weighting: This assessment counts 40% towards your overall module mark. ? Submission: Each student will submit coursework 1 (with a name and student ID) via Moodle by 9am on Monday 23 May 2016 (week 6) . Assessment Criteria ? LO1: Critically evaluate alternative theory on the nature of the individual consumer. ? LO2: PART A Analyse psychological and social influences on consumer behaviour (Part A focus is on the psychological issues) ? LO2 PART B Analyse psychological and social influences on consumer behaviour. (Part B focus here is on the social influences) ? LO3: Evaluate influences of culture on consumer behaviour. ? LO4: Demonstrates the ability to synthesise and communicate information in a manner intended for its appropriate audience. ? Understanding the concepts of human behaviour concepts and their influence on consumer decision making. ? Knowledge and understanding of relevant marketing theory, models and frameworks. ? Quality of resources used. ? Coverage of all aspects of the assignment requirements. ? Level of Critical Analysis ? Overall evaluation and interpretation of data. ? The ability to consider and examine different perspectives (both academic and non academic) and how they may influence the student’s own point of view. ? Practical application ? Conclusions ? Professional presentation: Language