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: How did I Become an entrepreneur

Topic: How did I Become an entrepreneurOrder DescriptionEntrepreneurship – How Did I Become An Entrepreneur reflective learning journal and include the following sections in the journal.How did I Become an entrepreneur Reflections weekly:•Introduction(100-150)•Describe the skills, qualities, knowledge, Attributes required to be an entrepreneur.•Reading summaries see list in Moodle (6 marks)•Book review key points•Weekly Lectures•Workshops Bi Weekly•ICT & social media•Communication & networking you have done – interviews & industry discussions conducted•Inspiration•Creativity & Innovation•Your Risk-Taking•Overall conclusions and reflections(150-250)•ReferencesIt is kind of journal, not essay.I have done • reading summaries, •book revew and weekly lecture as well, so you don’t need to worry about these sections.