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Understanding Theories of Teaching, Learning & Development

Topic: Understanding Theories of Teaching, Learning & DevelopmentOrder DescriptionYou are to produce a persuasive essay in response to the following statement:“Effective teachers need a range of strategies to ensure that students.”This is early childhoold from the ages of 5 to 10 years old that needs to meet the Australian Education guidelines.This needs to support your argument with academic research to back it up and come to a conclusion.Your essay will include:an introduction that summarises the issues to be covered in your essay and introduces the position you will take in response to the statement abovea persuasive argument in support of your position that provides evidence of:an analysis of pedagogy and classroom practice, based on your understanding of learning theories and supported by relevant quality literaturea critical reflection about your personal beliefs regarding learning and teaching and how these relate to theories and practicean overview of the influence of child development on learning.a conclusion that summarises the points discussed in your essay and makes one final statement about your response.You must use APA style referencing in-text and include a reference list (which is not included in the word count and must start on a separate page) with your final submission.As this essay represents a personal response incorporating a critical reflection, it should be written in the first person. You should note, however, that this does not mean it is merely a reflection of your personal opinion. Any statements or arguments you make must by supported by literature.