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ExamPaper details:Dear Writer,I chose the two spaces because there is no availble 1,5 in the spaces choice here. But please turn to the file I sent you.Please write responses to the following three questions related to what you have read in Ronowicz and Yallop’s English: One Language, Different Cultures and/or the articles we have used on the course. You are welcome to bring in information from additional reliable sources and please add references at all times and please remember to analyse, not to summarise or review the issues at hand.Today’s task is to write a 1-3 page individual take-home exam in which you are supposed to• show your ability to account for and discuss culture and societal aspects of English-speaking countries within a historical context,• discuss, analyse and compare various aspects of society and culture in English-speaking countries.Formatting instructions: 12 p New Times Roman, 1,5 line space, 2 centimetre margins. Write your name, course code and year as well as your civic ID number in the top left-hand corner. Write as grammatically and stylistically correct as you can!——————-The following questions/assignments are to be responded to/analysed (all three within the 3-page limit):1. What are shibboleths and how can the concept be applied (give examples!) in the cultures of the various English-speaking countries in Ronowicz and Yallop’s English: One Language, Different Cultures?2. Briefly discuss English as a language and its status (endo-normatively as well as exo-normatively) in Australia, Kenya, Canada, and Nigeria respectively. Please draw on the course material for references.3. Based on the U.S. Declaration of Independence, please focus on one of its features and draw parallels to today’s American society.