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Factors Affecting Adult ESL in America

Factors Affecting Adult ESL in AmericaPaper details:create 6 pages research proposal and 12 Slide show for presentationI. Primary Product: PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint presentation should include the following slides.a. Title of projectb. Research problem/topic to be addressed & research question to be answeredc. Backgroundi. Review of relevant background that highlights importance of studyii. Review of relevant studies that address the same/similar topics and their findingsiii. Statement describing current study and its contributions as well as hypothesesd. Methodsi. Sampleii. Measures/Procedure/Data Collection Methodse. Analysis Proposali. Indicate how you would intend to analyze the data from your study, including what statistical tests you would conductf. Applied Implicationsi. Discuss the potential implications of your findingsii. Discuss future additional directions for research in this areag. Limitationsh. ReferencesII. Secondary Product: Brief write-up of research projectPlease submit a brief (approximately 3-5 pages, not including the title page, but including references) write-up of your research project as your final exam. This will be due NO LATER THAN 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 29th.Write-Up Components Possible pointsOverall flow, structure, and writing style, including whether APA 6th style is used5Research topic/question and hypotheses are well-defined 10Background literature review is relevant to research question, presents an argument for the importance of the topic, and describes results from related studies 20Selection of research methods (including sample, measures) are well-described and consistent with research topic/question 20There is a clear analysis proposal with appropriate analytic strategies selected20There is a comprehensive discussion of the potential applied implications of the research for practice 10Study limitations and potential implications for future research are described 10Information is appropriately cited and the reference list is comprehensive and follows APA 6th style 5Total possible points 100