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Discussion question

Discussion questionANSWER THE FOLLOWING 3 QUESTIONS. 100 WORD LIMIT PER QUESTION.1. If a personal representative is unaware of a creditor, he can not provide him noticeof the estate. The only notice requirement is to publish a Notice to Creditors in apaper of general circulation in the county where the proceeding is being done.This can be a paper such as the Florida Newspaper which is only published inMiami-Dade County and available at newsstands. If a creditor has its offices inDelaware (as most credit cards), the creditor will not read the notice and mostlikely be barred from recovery. Should this be changed to a newspaper of dailycirculation like the Miami Herald? Why or why not? Should there have to be awebsite publication? If so, what type? Should the creditor have an opportunity tofile late if it is impossible for it to read the notice? Why or why not?2. You are required to have authenticated copies of certain documents to proceed withan ancillary administration. As stated in the lecture notes, this is an extracertification by the chief clerk that the seal is actually the seal of the court.Wouldn’t certified copies suffice? Why or why not? Do you think there is a validrationale for this? Review Florida Probate Rule 5.470 which requiresauthenticated copies of the domiciliary probate proceeding and discuss what othertype of copy (other than an authenticated copy) would satisfy Florida ProbateRule 5.470.3. In an inventory a value for the homestead property does not have to be listed.Discuss why homestead property is not part of an Ancillary ProbateAdministration. Should the value have to be listed? Why or why not? Inanswering this question, also consider a situation where the judge has not enteredan order determining homestead property.